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Vw bluetooth module installation

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Installation kit bluetooth avec RNS 510

How to install bluetooth module in my Golf MK6? Thread starter Mindraid Start date Feb 9, Mindraid New member. Hi I have a Golf MK6 I do not know if I should have a bluetooth module installed in my car.

If BT module should be under the seat or somewhere else, I dont know. Under the passenger seat, I can not see any loose cord that can be for BT. There is a tab in the carpet that you can fold up and there is contact, perhaps for BT.

I do not think I have a BT in my car but I want one. Which version? IF, where? How do I check which version I have?Original Poster. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Adding Bluetooth to RCD All the buttons are there for the phone system but no Bluetooth module under the seat.

What's the cheapest way of having a professionally installed Bluetooth system that will integrate with the head unit and allow Bluetooth streaming of music?

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SteBrown91 1, posts 81 months. There are plenty of places that do the full vw retrofit for quid It's not cheap but it fully integrates Alternatively google fiscon that also fully intergrates but instead of It saying BT on the menu it says Fiscon BT I think Regardless you need a module, mic, loom and will need coding in VCDS If you want the OEM module and want it under the seat you also need the foam insert to fit it to.

Dr G 13, posts months. Why professionally install it? It's an easy home job Save yourself the money and follow one of the many DIY guides online. TBH when I was looking a Bluetooth module, loom, mic cable and foam insert was over quid on eBay. I got mine supplied and fitted and coded for was not worth the effort since the eBay sharks have ramped up the part prices for anything german.You will need this 9W7 Bluetooth module.

More information is displayed below on this. See our installation guide here. Simply unplug and remove your existing bluetooth module located under your passenger seat, and install this one. Note: If upgrading from a 9W2 or 9W3 and re-using your vehicle's stock harness, an additional wire set is needed to complete the install bluetooth audio will only play in mono if wire is not installed. Check " Include Stereo Wire Set " above to add this to your order.

Either one or the other, depending on your setup. Manufacturer Warranty Minimum 6 Months. Shop With Confidence Your information is safe. In-House Experts We know our products. Kam B. Awesome experience and great OEM products that just work.

Thank you again Bill for helping me with exactly what I needed. Simple exchange of the module added the full functionality of track name and steering wheel buttons working.

Only minor issue is that when using Bluetooth streaming for instance spotify to stream music the time don't go 1 second at a time it goes 2 seconds instead but that's more something that irritate when you look at it otherwise it work's as it should which is the main purpose of it.

A couple of hours taking it slowly to fit using factory mic position near interior lighting. Harness and module perfect. Excellent customer service. The guys at Eurozone helped me find the right module for my vehicle.

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Been driving without it for too long. Works perfectly.

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Install in Volkswagen Golf

Easy online instructions. Thank you Eurozone! Installed yesterday in my Passat. Works great, even without any programming! Transferred telephone-book AND call history to car unit. Even works with steering wheel buttons. Also manages telephone lists via info-display.

I bought this module for my mk6 GTI thinking it would give me steering wheel controls for my Bluetooth, but turns out I had to upgrade my head unit as well.

vw bluetooth module installation

After the head unit uprade I now have full phone and song controls through my steering wheel and the only difference is my Bluetooth light on the ceiling no longer illuminates which is no big deal to me.Remember Me? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: volkswagen oem bluetooth unit.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. The unit itself is working and integrated with both the mfd and my rns But I have noticed that for some reason the mfd only displays the bluetooth icon and not the battery and iPod logo as shown in this picture I have scanned the car and indeed there is 2 errors with the unit being reported but I am unable to find a fix for these errors.

Any help would be great Code:. Your coding for Bluetooth module is wrong. Correct it. Retrofits like this are not my strong point, but I'll take a stab at it Looking at the coding there are two thing I find that believe need be changed.

Byte 6 is currently set to "00 Telephone Baseplate Diagnostic active". With your location listed as "Ireland", I feel safe in saying North America is not correct. To that end, this leaves 2 other options for Byte 7.

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Those would be my starting points. Uwescano. Originally Posted by scano. So I changed the bits I was ment to but now I'm receiving this error. Originally Posted by Dana. If you did not retrofit the 3 button console switch assembly I would code that position off Operating Unit for Cell Phone Preparation 3-Button Keypad not installed. DanaUwe liked this post. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Ross-Tech is not affiliated with the Volkswagen Group in any way.The units are available from a number of sources in Europe and the US.

There are a few options here to connect the bluetooth unit to the factory harness behind the headunit. The solution is to replace it with CAN bus repair wire. Performing repairs on CAN bus wiring. Build harness using connector housings and repair wires for Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Install.

Insert the two plastic plugs and screw the bracket into place. Note that the bluetooth unit in this photo is upside down. Before you slide the unit in bend the metal bracket inwards so that it holds the unit tightly to prevent rattles. Next remove the sill panel trim on the right hand side of the car, this only has to be removed for the front door and requires the clips to be removed so the edge of the carpet can be accessed.

Remove the headunit by unscrewing the 4 screws and carefully sliding it out, watch out when the unit is released as it could drop and scratch the climatronic.

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The unit that I installed came from the UK, contact the owner of this site to purchase a kit. Another installation guide is available from his website. For the white dot models use part number 1Z0 A. There is now a new Skoda unit now available. Part number is 1Z0 D. Make sure you list that. I got the module and it is already installed.

It was configured for my Golf VI from the dealer on ebay where I got it… But, I cant see the phone section on the instument display. Do you think could be good to have? Is there any way to connect to the car through the elsawin program?

Thanks again for the help. I have blutooth oem kit but this kit wiring some faulty. I need part number or any solution please kindly help me.

Adding Bluetooth to RCD510

Do you know where to get a copy of the Skoda BT Manual? Does anyone have the part number? Can it be ordered in the US? All works great, phone works fine from steering wheel, voice command, all phone menus in the DIS. Try pairing another phone to see if that makes a difference, I had a similar problem with my HTC generally it worked but no phone book and I removed the bluetooth pairing, rebooted the HTC and repaired it and it was back to normal.Jump to content.

You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 29 March - AM. I expect this has been asked on here before but how easy is it to install a bluetooth mudule?

vw bluetooth module installation

I have an RNS and on the back it has the the Quadlock connector the 2 antenna connectors, 1 gps connector and a long connector that has nothing plugged into it. Is this where the Bluetooth module plugs in??

Volkswagen Skoda Bluetooth Car Kit Install in Volkswagen Golf

I know the module on ebay is from china but it doesn't bother me i have bought lots of stuff from china and have found it to be better quality than OEM in some cases. I guess what i am asking is will this module work with my RNS i believe my headunit is a revision C if that helps.

LED sidelights, Fixed swan neck towbar with 13 pin elecrics and Heko wind deflectors. Cruise Control. This is all if the Wife will allow it LOL. Posted 29 March - PM. The only adavantage is the telephone button on your steering wheel will work when answering rejecting calls etc I assume you have the old 8 button MFSW? The 9w7 unit are fairly new and will show your phonebook in the radio display only not the red MFD The disadvantage is the button on your SW will not work as it does with the older basic unit.

Beaware your RNS will probably have to have it's OS upgraded so it can display the phonebook correctly as the new 9W7 units have a slightly different protocol and the telephone numbers can be truncated especially overseas mobile numbers that are stored on your mobile.

Here is a link to a site which I have brought from before without any issues. He has for sale the basic 9w2 system which I recommend personally as it is cheap complete kit and is easy to install and comes with the foam cover to install it under the seat which makes it easier to check if there are faults or if you want to upgrade to a 9w7 unit and he also has for sale an OEM camera which will fit into the back of your RNS the long connector as you call it.

Also in the garage Thanks for that i will have a look at the links you supplied, i dont have the red display i have the white, also i dont have a MFSW so dont have to worry about buttons, i dont really want to upgrade the OS of the RNS unit as its just asking for trouble as the unit works fine, i would like the display to show phone info never mind i have vcds so no problem there as long as i can find out whats what.

Done a number of BT installations as well other things see my signature for details. If you have a white MFD then the 9w7 unit is the way to go. Maybe have a word with Beagler since his unit has now become redundant now that he is using the Kenwood's integrated BT unit instead.TDI s : SportWagen. If you haven't already, you should read this thread: The Bluetooth debate comes to an end!

Hello 9W7! There is a ton a great info on the 9W7 and its functions. Timewise provides tons of info as the pioneer of this mod. The swap is extremely easy; you don't even need any tools! Push your passenger seat all the way back.

The bluetooth module is under the Styrofoam block under the seat: Gently lift out the Styrofoam block; it is velcroed to the floor. Rotate it so the harness plug is facing you: Depress the small black tab and move the white plastic clip to the right: Pull the harness out of the module. Now carefully slip the old module out of the Styrofoam: Slip the new module into the Styrofoam block, connect the harness, click in place with the white plastic locking clip, and set the block back into place under the seat.

New functions on the RNS No more need to dial via the phone! And still have Bluetooth streaming. I haven't done any coding as discussed in the previously mentioned thread.

Hope this helps someone. Last edited by sportwagen rick; July 3rd, at What is the remainder of the coding that needs to be accomplished at this point?

Is it to re-code the button on the steering wheel to act as a voice activation vs. Find More Posts by flieger. Originally Posted by flieger. It sounds like it is the same thing as the one installed by Mr. I think I may have to bite on this for such a great price. Even if Steve does raise the price a bit for his next batch, it will be a good deal.

vw bluetooth module installation

Thanks for sharing. TDI s : '13 Jetta Hybrid. When I suggested that Detriot might be putting too many eggs in one basket with its utter devotion to SUVs at the expense of passenger car development and asked if the union might take a position in favor of more economical cars, he started screaming at me. My phonebook synced without any issues.

The only thing I don't like is that it sorts by last name, whereas the phone lists by first.

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