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Rise of kingdoms cheap gems

Thus today, we will be stating the most rapid and effective Rise of Kingdom cheats and hacks for you to ace the game in just a few minutes! The various events listed in the game consist of very simple tasks such as using up Action Points, Field Collection, etc.

It consumes a low amount of resources to train and employ the barbarians. Many players simply rush to level up their troops without collecting enough resources.

But upgrading your forces is not the ideal formula to ace the game as a beginner. So here is an exclusive Rise of Kingdoms hack, to reform your forces the right way:. Thus, it gets beyond the bounds of possibility to unlawfully hack into such a mechanism. So here are some tips to stay safe from these scams:. So my final message to all the users, especially the beginners, will be that: Do Not Hurry! Never employ any untrusted Rise of Kingdoms hack to earn quick and illegitimate capitals in the game.

It will require you enough time and dedication to achieve more skills and expertise in the game naturally. Completing quests will also earn you activity points. Upgrading the city hall also unlocks new tiers of soldiers which you can use to excel in the battles. You can visit the Military Technology unit to have a look at all tiers of soldiers available, and should aim specifically at getting the higher ones.

This is because higher tier soldiers can cause more damage and bring you larger amounts of loots. In the latter part of the game, tier 4 units, such as Samurai, Crossbowman and Knight, would be really useful. Also focus on your Economic Technologies in the game, such as Writing, Chisel, Handicrafts, etc, as they can improve your overall research speed.

Farming a huge number of barbarians in your city can not only earn you a bunch of extra loot but also play a huge role in topping up your experience level. The experience points that you earn, can be utilised in levelling up your commander, and thus, making your overall army stronger. You can choose to stack up all the rewards for farming barbarians, as they can prove to be the biggest means of resources during a war.

But quite a bunch of artifacts and useful elements in there can also be bought using regular resources such as stones and wood.

Buy and store the most important items such as speedups used to boost training speed and Starlight Sculptures used in training commanders.

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You can utilize your scouts to collect additional resources from such areas. Try concentrating on your performance, and ways to improve it. Find the alliance with cooperative and supportive members in order to gradually make your way on to the top. You can request your allies for resources whenever you desperately need them. In no conditions, shall you betray your allies, as this can result out to be a huge blow to your reputation.

Donate some of your adequate resources to anyone of your allies asking for assistance. Try to use the full potential of the Kingdom Chat by creating and sharing battle strategies with many other players.You can download it for free from our website.

With our mod, you will get Unlimited Gems and Resources. You will also unlock all commanders. Gems are the most important resources in the game, as they are hard to obtain. You can use gems to purchase resources, speedups, boostsand other items from the shop. Basically, having unlimited gems on your account almost granted your win in this game. This is achievable with our rise of kingdoms hack app. There are numerous commanders in the game.

Each one of them having its own 4 skills and 3 specialties. So, the stronger the commander, the higher chances to win. Rise of Kingdoms is an all-new strategy game developed by Dank Tanks. This innovative city construction game challenges players to enhance the growth of their cities through the construction of numerous facilities.

Gamers have to build structures for residents and fend off intruders and other attacks. However, this game stands out due to its amazing UI, simple mechanics and wide e range of commanders and heroes. Although, gamers playing this kind of game for the first time might find it a tad bit difficult to fully comprehend the complex mechanics. Hence, there is a tutorial in the game for beginners and amateurs alike. Going over the tutorial step by step will help gamers to learn about the game. Its features, skills necessary, different modes, etc.

Other gamers might attack a city anytime and can steal resources.

How to get Legendary Commander Sculptures through Gem Spending 💎 💎 💎 - Rise of Kingdoms

One must fend off attacks from others by constructing army bunks and recruiting commanders and troops. Gamers should also upgrade buildings in the city to make it further stronger and less susceptible to attacks.

Any game can be twice as fun while playing when it can be won or dominated. Now, in order to that, one must know the ins and outs of the game. As a player, one must have adequate knowledge of a game to ensure domination over rivals.

Hence, here are some of the important things to be kept in mind —.

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Commanders play a crucial role in this game. They are the ones who lead an army into battle. Commanders also assist troops with their talents, buffs, and skills. In Rise of Kingdoms, gamers can have more than one commander and may replace them anytime they want.

The mechanics of this game are quite similar to other MMO strategy games around. Each and every commander in Rise of Kingdoms has five unique skill sets. Players may unlock these skills by upgrading or increasing the level of the commander. It can also be done through the use of Sculptures. You may also like our Clash of Clans Mod.I decided to write a guide here about the real life hacks that only more experienced players know about and that you should apply asap.

One of the most important things in Rise of Kingdoms is to complete your daily tasks. While some tasks are quite easy to complete, others take more and more time the further you progress. So, with 24 hours time to complete and all upgrades taking several days… what are you going to do except of using Gems?

Exactly, you can simply build a decoration that is not only cheap but also very fast placed with like 10 seconds of building time — and it will finish this task. The Mysterious Merchant is an opportunity to make some great deals in the long run. But also there are enough events that require you to buy like 20 things from the Mysterious Merchant, which is completely utopic to do without spending gems. Every time you will complete training troopsfinishing an upgrade or, like above, building a decoration or hunting Barbarians will make her appear.

So, you not only finish the task for the events faster, you can also make more good deals???? The thing is, you can still make great profit in resources by upgrading them anyway.

In this example with the Scout Camp, the upgrade costs meFood and Wood — but the reward for the task talling me to upgrade it will give meFood, 1,3 million Woode andStone. So, there are some rules that apply and you should only go after Level 2 Gem Tiles that will give you 20 Gems. With a normal gathering commander it will take about 45 minutes to get the 20 Gems from it and multiply that with up to 5 marches you have Gems per hour.

The best answer for this is setting up yourself a farm account in the same kingdom and you have that for gathering resources. I have written a lot about setting up a farm account lately so feel free to dive into that topic here. And there are plenty of researches to do. Now this is actually a bad strategy! As you can see here the Academy will give you a research speed bonus with every new level. This life hack will save you hundreds of hours of research time in the long run! The fastest way to level up your Commanders is using the Tome of Knowledge on them that will boost their XP directly.

Often enough they will discover a Mysterious Cave that you can send another scout to and will reward you with a Treasure of Cave Chest that will often contain the Tome of Knowledge that you can directly use on your commanders to boost their level. Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All Guides. Search Search for: Search. I dont understand your double speedup hack? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Leave this field empty.Some of our readers have requested us to create a post about Rise of Kingdoms Cheats. They were wondering whether it is possible to hack in Rise of Kingdoms and if it would be possible to obtain free gems that way. Since we enjoy the game a lot as well we decided to start looking into it.

In this post we will do cover whether there are cheats for Rise of Kingdoms.

rise of kingdoms cheap gems

Furthermore, if they exist we will test them out to see if they work and if they are safe to use. Summary: all the hacks and cheats that you find on the internet for Rise of Kingdoms are completely fake. We have tested over a dozen of them and none of them will give you the gems that they promise you.

However after searching for hours we found a working method of obtaining free gems. If you want to know this method then follow our guide here. The game features real time battles, 8 unique civilizations, an alliance system, 20 different heroes, a PvP system and much more.

The UI of the game reminds us a lot of Clash of Clans. The game has received a rating of 4. It received the same 4. If we had to rate the game ourselves we would give it 4.

Rise of Kingdoms is in essence quite similar to other games of the same genre. People who are familiar with these type of games should find it easy to get into.

Rise of Kingdoms Top Up | Cheap RoK Gems | RoC Top Up | Recharge

Rise of Kingdoms features quite a few complicated mechanics that might be hard to master for players that are new to city building games. The main objective is to pick your civilization and to lead it to greatness.

In order to do so you start out with a small town which you have to upgrade to a magnificent city. Just like in other multiplayer city building games your town can be attacked at any time. When you are attacked your resources can be stolen. You can defend the city by recruiting troops and commanders. You can also upgrade the structures in your town to act as an additional layer of defense. Since other people can attack your town it only makes sense that you can do the same.

You can then use these resources to make your town even stronger. Now onto the question that we were wondering about when we started this post. We started our search and we found a lot of websites that claimed they had a working hack for Rise of Kingdoms.

However, when we tried their cheats we never received the gems that we were promised.Of course, there are a ton of possibilities for you to spend your gems and some are better than others. Most people believe that they should focus spending gems on improving their VIP level.

And that is correct… up to a point. That point is VIP level As you can see, there is a massive advantage from reaching level 6 VIP status: you unlock the second builder and that gives you the chance to build or upgrade two structures at the same time, which is extremely useful.

Plus, if you log in daily, you will get a lot of points more each day and your VIP level will increase steadily.

What you should switch focus on when it comes to spending gems in Rise of Kingdoms is the Mysterious Merchant:. Most importantly, she usually has heaps of great items that you can spend your regular resources on, but also the Gems. I also recommend purchasing the Statues that might be available there in order to star up your Commanders — while any other premium items are considered a must buy.

I got a Teleport scroll from there at a massive discount, for example — and those are always good to have on hand. Keep an eye out for goodies and grab anything useful. But those speed boosts — they are indeed usseful, just like the statues are!

rise of kingdoms cheap gems

Finally, you can also get some nice value if you are very active in your alliance through donations. If you get past 10, donations each day, you will receive some random loot, usually including resources and various boosts. Based on my own experience, you are guaranteed to get better rewards if you spend Gems on donations a few times.

Rise of Kingdoms Hack And Cheats For Free Gems

Or if you are in a less active alliance and you are always number 1. So these are the things that you should focus spending your gems on, in my opinion. Not even VIP level increasing should be considered a priority after reaching level 6 in my opinion. But what do you think? Do you agree that the Mysterious Merchant is the best place to spend your Gems after VIP level 6, or you have other suggestions? Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Telegram. Related Articles.

rise of kingdoms cheap gems

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Rather than purchasing items with money, you can use the free Free Gems to purchase the items you wanted and you can also purchase premium items. Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy and management game where you get to guide a kingdoms from the Stone Age to feudal times, while fighting against endless enemies and expanding the boarders of your budding empire.

You can also learn several tips and tricks on their main website. If you are in doubt, you better test it for yourself. You can test Rise of Kingdoms Hack online generator for yourself to have first-hand experience of what to expect. Rise of Kingdoms is an entertaining strategy game that borrows some concepts from the great saga Kingdoms, but also offer a much closer gaming experience to most of the titles from the genre on Android.

At least it has nice graphics and a great variety of missions, characters, and buildings. First of all, you can get Gems as much as you like by buying it with some real money. We all know that in gaining a momentum in the game you need some resources. But, it will be a waste of money in purchasing the in-app Gems. As a result, we have made some research about Rise of Kingdoms and developed a working hack. The other way to get free Gems is to participate in reward websites and free giveaways.

They will let you do some tasks in order to gain some points and exchange it to free Gems. Other websites were offering also free Rise of Kingdoms Free Gems and it will be just like the other reward website. You have to do tasks also to exchange for rewards.

Many streamers also were giving free resources and Rise of Kingdoms Gems is their main free giveaways. Rise of Kingdoms Hack is very simple to use. Start by clicking the Access Button that you can find here. Below are the steps you need to follow to make it work for you:. Just use google and search for the best tips and tricks for playing Rise of Kingdoms and have the chance to be one of the top players. It is no secret that the hack is the next most desirable thing after the game itself.

Ask any gamer and they will confirm this. The game is never complete without it. There are quite a number of reasons why use our Rise of Kingdoms hack. Below are some of them but before you proceed you might want to check other Game Hacks in our database.

Our top game app hacks and cheats were mostly available in any of your devices and platforms. Before you even start a game, you should ensure that it continues to the end without interruption.

Imagine the disruption of your enjoyment when you get a message midway to make a payment for more resources! It is at such a point that you bring in the hack to generate as much Gems as is required by the game. As a result, the hack on your device, there is no risk of disturbance or ruse interruption.Gems are the premium currency in Rise of Kingdoms, and they can be used in many ways to improve your game experience.

And fortunately, getting a lot of gems for free in RoK is not very difficult, so you can really play this game without spending any real life money, and still enjoy some premium features.

This also helps you keep your account safe! In order to Bind your account, tap your profile picture in the upper left corner of the screen, then tap Settings. There, tap the Facebook button to Bind your account and grab the rewards. Complete Quests Completing the main story quests will reward you — sometimes, at least — with a lot of Gems. So make sure you keep an eye on these missions and complete them as soon as possible in order to quickly get some free gems.

One of the main goals to reward you with Gems in Rise of Kingdoms is the series that requires you to level up your main Headquarters building.

This can also trigger some extra Gem rewards if your upgrade unlocks a new era! Complete Daily Objectives If you complete all the daily objectives by scoring points, you unlock the final chest reward under the Daily Objectives tab — and that holds some free gems for you to enjoy, so do it daily! Defeat Barbarians Defeating barbarians on the world map gives you the chance to earn some free gems.

rise of kingdoms cheap gems

The same can be obtained from defeating Barbarian forts — but since the rewards are the same and Forts require a lot more forces to be defeated, you can safely focus on beating the regular barbarian troops on the map instead. Special Events The game will always have some sort of special event running, many of which will reward you with various Gem packs.

So just keep an eye on all the events and make sure you take advantage of all the freebies. Which is really cool! Eventually, you will be allowed to unlock the Jewelry research in the Academy. After researching this technology, you will be able to mine Gem deposits on the map.

Usually, making some sort of a purchase with real money in Rise of Kingdoms gives you the opportunity to earn some massive bonuses, either in the form of free Gems or other extremely valuable items. Make sure to check these options out and do so on a daily basis, because most of them can only be purchased for a limited number of times per day, but also reset daily.

So if you plan to spend money in the game and also set a schedule, you can earn a ton of free Gems when doing so.

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